How I prepare for a long road trip as a nervous traveller.

I LOVE to travel. To see the world. To try new food. To meet new people. To experience new things.

So how is it possible to dislike the actual travelling?!

Whether it be planes, trains or automobiles, I am a nervous traveller. There are steps I need to take to help make venturing a positive experience.

In seven days I will be driving to Disneyland Paris with two friends. It will be the first time long distance driving without my husband. Eek.

Here is what I am doing to prepare for this!

  1. Clean the Car! I find that when the car is clean, tidy and smelling fresh I can concentrate a lot better. It makes for a pleasant journey!
  2. Car checks! Checking the oil, screen wash, lights sets my mind at ease. Less to worry about.
  3. Update the Satnav! We have a sat nav that covers the UK and Europe which is great, but road layouts can and do change. Our Garmin sat nav has free lifetime updates, which is handy.
  4. Download offline maps! This is an extra safety net In case the sat nav goes AWOL!
  5. Check the road rules for different countries! For obvious reasons this is important and helps to settle nerves because I know where I stand with different things.
  6. Snacks! I need to eat regularly otherwise I’m a bit of a nightmare. I suffer from being hangry. I will pack enough snacks for an army, because I think you can never have too many! I am choosing a mixture of healthy and ‘naughty’ snacks that are easy to eat whilst driving. You won’t catch me peeling an orange at the wheel!
  7. Music! Different play lists for an mood!

Seven day countdown is on!

Are you a nervous traveller? What do you do to prepare for journeys, long or short?


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