A Day at La Jolla Cove & Rock Pools

La Jolla Cove was a beautiful discovery on our Californian road trip, back in October.

Being from the UK, we couldnt get enough of the different feelings that the Californian coast gave us. It was a visit that left us feeling relaxed, happy and in awe of the local wildlife! The children were so content just to explore the area and absorb the atmosphere, which as it doesnt involve a screen is a miracle!

Just in the same way that children always prefere someone elses toys/food/bikes, we also covet other beaches/mountains/forests. This is why we always feel the longing to be on our next adventure.


We watched the sealions basking in the sun, playing with each other and having a swim. We did this for A VERY LONG TIME. Our family couldn’t get enough because we don’t usually see sealions casually relaxing, like they are on their own little holiday!

When we managed to prise ourselves away from the sights at the cove and we headed to to the rock pools down the road from the La Jolla Cove area.


We visited the rock pools when the tide was in, so we mainly stayed up on the rocks and looked for any sea creatures that may have been lurking in the water. We didn’t find much on this occasion but had lots of fun looking! There was a game of trying not to get wet (not very sucessful!) The kids jumped over rocks, cracks and anything else dangerous; cue mum nagging!





When we return here, or a different beach on a different adventure, we’ll research the tide times so as to make the most of the experience.

We were sad to leave La Jolla, but our lunch was calling to us!


“She loved the sea. She liked the sharp salty smell of the air, and the vastness of the horizons bounded only by a vault of azure sky above. It made her feel small, but free as well.

George R R Martin


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