San Diego Zoo


As part of our seven day mini California adventure, we chose to visit San Deigo Zoo. We had done a bit of research on the zoo but didnt realise quite how big the zoo was.

To start the day, we took the Kangaroo bus around the park to get our bearings. The bus loops the park and stops at several points to let you hop on and off through the day.


We did a full lap of the zoo, on the bus and then started off on foot. They have an amazing variety of animals, some of which, like the pandas and koalas, we have never seen before. The koalas were so cute, and with up to twenty two hours of sleep a day, they seem to have life sorted.

We first headed to Panda Canyon. This seems to be one of the zoo’s main attractions and was very busy. The Pandas seemed very relaxed and there was lots of information about the various bears we saw along the way.

As we were still way off with the eight hour time difference, we decided to get an early lunch at the Hua Mei Cafe, next to Panda Canyon. They serve pretty good food, such as peppered beef teriyaki and orange chicken.

Once we were revitalised we worked our way towards the back of the park through the African Rocks and Elephant Odyssey. The zoo areas are very well themed to the animals and their natural habitats

To get back to the front of the park, we took the Skyfari aerial tram. The zoo is situated in a canyon so this gave us a great view and a rest from walking for a while.

As it was so hot, we treated ourselves to ice cream and drinks. We had purchased the refillable drinks cup at the start of the day, which definately saved us a lot of money. You can fill it at any of the restaurants or food stands around the park.

Next stop was the childrens zoo with a play area and petting paddock. We spent quite a while in this area, as the kids didnt want to leave the play park. All parents bear the scars from having to drag their kids off of play equipment!

To end the day we went through the reptile house and reptile walk. These creatures are always on our ‘to visit’ list because Emily loves anything slimy and scaley!

San diego Zoo has so much to offer. It is a great day out and deserves its reputation as one of the best zoos in the world. There is plenty more zoo left for us to explore and we will be back to enjoy it again in the future.



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